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Thurston B.

Best most caring considering people anywhere when you need love and compassion when you lose your best friend.Lady the doggie died in my arms with eyes open in Barstow. We live in Ohio coming to a reunion . I wanted her ashes to come home as we we were in town 4 days. Now I see why they have all 5stars.They said no worries we will do this for you as we feel your pain. Lady was in our cooler in ice, they unpacked her and gave me private time for my 12 year old girl.

Jim M.

This is a horrible time for anyone.  But the service was great and understanding.  If you want a private cremation for you furry loved one, I would recommend them.  That made a bad time in our life more bearable.

Donna B.

This is my first experience with having a dog cremated! Not just any dog, but my sweet Charley who was my furbaby!  My husband and I originally wanted to bury him in the backyard, but decided on the cremation. After we used Dr. Marchi’s at home, euthanasia service, which was also excellent, they referred us here. The next day I realized that I wished I would’ve gotten some of my dogs for and they were able to contact Dan over at the crematorium and she was amazing. She saved me a beautiful batch of fur. We wanted some of the black and the white. she was also the one who greeted us when we came to pick up our baby. I tried to be strong, but I ended up breaking down and crying and she was so compassionate and empathetic! She even explained to us how the cremation process worked because we were originally concerned it would be communal and not private, but from a far we could see the private stations of where the cremation takes place as Dan pointed out! She even let me give her a hug, and his ashes came in a beautiful box and a beautiful bag with a wooden heart that was engraved with his name, a certificate, and a beautiful card. I had no idea what to expect and I hated that I even had to do it at all but they made it seem so respectful and I’m so glad I have my sweet dog dog back with me now.
Also thanks to Sid for the amazing communication and also for the quick cremation! Even though I know that my dog was already gone, the thought of him being in the freezer for a week or more was upsetting to me because I had a similar experience with my father when he passed and it traumatized me! Sid provided excellent communication, showed compassion, and also worked with me on the special hours since pick up was around Thanksgiving!
I highly recommend forever Furever Friends!  I can’t thank you all enough, and I thank God for people like this who can make such a painful time, more bearable!

Kris B.

Dan and her team were amazing from start to finish. The passing of our cat was such a tragic time for our family and we 100% appreciated Dan’s empathy, kindness and patience throughout the whole process. She really went above and beyond for us, gave us a lot of options for urns and paw print remembrances, even engraved the urn we bought from a third party and bottled our cat’s hair. She even gave us a thoughtful card with her condolences. We never felt rushed and were so impressed with the quality of her customer service. We were shopping around with other companies prior to choosing Furrever Friends and we are so glad we chose this company, as we felt at peace knowing our pet was in good hands and handled with the utmost care. I would recommend them to anyone time and time again. Thank you so much, Dan!

Tiffany B.

If I could give Furrever Friends at 10 stars rating I would!  First of all, from the moment I called them the other person the line really made you feel as though you were in good hands.  She walked us through the steps to do at home (because they were closed at the time of my dear Sammi’s passing), she even suggested writing our pet a letter so he could be cremated with it.  This was such a personal touch.  When you get to their establishment you are met with another friendly face who goes over option and isn’t pushy about it. My Sammi was well taken care of and so were we!  Thank you Furrever Friends!

Chels T.

One of our pets passed away suddenly. We had been searching around for someone we could trust to do a nice cremation for a reasonable price. Furrever friends was very understanding and caring during the visit at both drop off and pick up. Lots of special touches to celebrate the life of our pet. We felt like they really cared about our loss and couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you to Heather especially for being so gentle during this hard season for us.

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