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Kevin G.

Best customer service, hands down. Compassionate and responsive, they really do care. So many other places don’t even answer their phone (“Leave a message, we’ll get back to you”). When you’ve just lost a pet, you don’t want to be waiting hours for a callback. Call Furrever Friends instead.

Sam W.

Francini and her husband are unbelievably understanding and caring. They me us in the middle of the night to make sure we got our gone to kitty heaven Eclipse on ice so we could cremate in a couple days. She has also helped us before with a dog. They are always the most sensitive and understanding people, they help so much with their words and actions. Francini has a way of bringing a smile to your face even during grief. I find it incredible that they would have bad reviews and view them with extreme skepticism.

The PhoenixSol

Within the last 6 months, I have had the misfortune of losing my 3 boys and one of my girls. I used 3 previous aftercare services for the first 2 dogs and the one chicken and I wasn’t fully satisfied. I’m not going to lie, Sol was my favorite child and I wanted something different, special for him and I am very pleased that Furrever Friends took care of my baby. They are compassionate and kind and understand these are not pets but family members in their care.
I want to thank Sid and the entire staff for the quick and professional turn-around. I will gladly tell family and friends about your services.

Jim E.

Our beautiful girl Nova survived with cancer for almost two years, when her quality of life declined significantly we knew it was time to let her cross the rainbow Bridge, we choose one of their partners (Dr Marchi) to help our baby, we were told that it would be 1-3 weeks before our baby would be ready to come home, less than a week after our girls passing I got a message that she was ready to come home.
Their location is very nice and easy to find, the staff is very friendly, our baby’s ashes were packaged in a nice box with a heart name tag, certificate of cremation and a beautiful card.
Prices were reasonable and I was most appreciative that I was able to pick her up in person.

Thank you for taking such good care of our precious Nova

She found her forever home 24 Jan 2012

7 Oct 2011 – 3 Feb 2022

Ana B.

My Misty died the week before Thanksgiving, and I was devastated. It was not due to illness, so I was in shock and lost. Furrever Friends were the kindest and most loving people I could have asked for to take care of my Misty. From the first phone call to the final pick-up, they showed genuine care, and I thank you all. Especially the lovely young lady who answered the phone and greeted me at the location. The owners here truly care and understand that our fur children are our family members. They have a wide variety of keep sakes for different budgets, but what I loved the most was the paw and nose prints of my baby girl.

Christy F.

It’s taken me awhile to get to writing this review but it definitely goes without saying that Heather and her team are absolutely incredible individuals. I met heather though mutual industry connections and never fathomed I would need her services but when I was told the absolute worst news about my four legged companion, Douglas, heather was the first person I thought of and as promised, she was there immediately with endless amounts of care. I cannot recommend this facility and their team enough. Don’t think about it– your search is over, choose furrever friends, immediately.

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