This is my first experience with having a dog cremated! Not just any dog, but my sweet Charley who was my furbaby!  My husband and I originally wanted to bury him in the backyard, but decided on the cremation. After we used Dr. Marchi’s at home, euthanasia service, which was also excellent, they referred us here. The next day I realized that I wished I would’ve gotten some of my dogs for and they were able to contact Dan over at the crematorium and she was amazing. She saved me a beautiful batch of fur. We wanted some of the black and the white. she was also the one who greeted us when we came to pick up our baby. I tried to be strong, but I ended up breaking down and crying and she was so compassionate and empathetic! She even explained to us how the cremation process worked because we were originally concerned it would be communal and not private, but from a far we could see the private stations of where the cremation takes place as Dan pointed out! She even let me give her a hug, and his ashes came in a beautiful box and a beautiful bag with a wooden heart that was engraved with his name, a certificate, and a beautiful card. I had no idea what to expect and I hated that I even had to do it at all but they made it seem so respectful and I’m so glad I have my sweet dog dog back with me now.
Also thanks to Sid for the amazing communication and also for the quick cremation! Even though I know that my dog was already gone, the thought of him being in the freezer for a week or more was upsetting to me because I had a similar experience with my father when he passed and it traumatized me! Sid provided excellent communication, showed compassion, and also worked with me on the special hours since pick up was around Thanksgiving!
I highly recommend forever Furever Friends!  I can’t thank you all enough, and I thank God for people like this who can make such a painful time, more bearable!