Humane Dog Cremation Service in Long Beach, California

Treasure the Special Bond With Your Dog and Give Them the Best Dog Cremation and Memorial in Long Beach, CA.

Compassionate Dog Cremation 

There’s nothing quite like the loyal bond between a dog and its owner. We understand that losing your dog is like losing your best friend and you want to find the most caring way to say goodbye.

At Furrever Friends, we offer the most compassionate dog cremation services and provide customizable ways to honor your dog’s memory.

Our state-of-the-art pet cremation machine ensures a seamless cremation with a choice of communal or private dog cremation. Choose from a variety of customized urns, cremation boxes, and keepsakes to treasure your dog in your own way.

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Communal Dog Cremation

Communal cremation for dogs is the best option if you do not wish to receive your dog’s cremains. Your dog will be accompanied by other pets during their cremation then we return them back to nature.

We scatter their remains in the gardens of a local tree nursery or at sea via local sea Capt Lee of Rainbow Harbour in Long Beach.

Private Dog Cremation

If you would like to receive your dog’s cremains and hold your own special memorial for them, you can choose a private dog cremation. We provide your dog with the dignified cremation they deserve with their own space.

You can receive their cremains in a customized hand-crafted urn or cremation box. A personalized ink paw impression keepsake and canine cremation certificate are also included.

Our Process

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Dog

Complete our inquiry form to tell us about your dog and preferred cremation service.

Step 2: Delivery or Collection

We organize the collection of your deceased dog from your home or you can bring them to us.

Step 3: Dog Cremation

Our state-of-the-art cremation machine’s Halcyon system carefully tracks the cremation process to ensure a seamless treatment.

Step 4: Memorial

We will let you know when the cremation is complete. If you choose a private dog cremation, you can collect your dog’s cremains in a stunning customized urn or cremation box.

Step 5: Continued Support

We always offer help and support through such a difficult time. Our library has an abundance of supportive materials too.

Why Choose Furrever Friends

We treat our clients like family and provide emotional support throughout the entire cremation process. We aim to honor your dog’s significance in your life in the best way we can.

Our pet cremation services are always respectful with personalized memorial options. Find out what our clients say about us in our testimonials.

Choose the Best Cremation Service for Your Dog

Truly honor your beloved dog with the caring and compassionate dog cremation they deserve. Trust in Furrever Friends to provide you with the best dog cremation and memorial services in Long Beach, CA.

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