Frequently Asked Questions

This important service allows your family a unique opportunity to have a safe place for visitation.

We do offer this elite service to those willing to reserve a space to witness their pets cremation. Viewing options are by monitor in our comfort room or FaceTime.

No, we cannot.

No, we can recommend burial sites however.

Yes we offer pet loss bereavement materials on our site and in our reception area.

No we do not however we can help you schedule this service with our partners.

Our system ensures proper pet identification in several details along with our Halcyon pet tracking system.

Typically all returns are finished and ready for pick up in 1 week or 7 business days.

Private cremation is always a wise choice creating a time capsule of your pets remains

Private means exactly that, your pet is unaccompanied with in its own chamber during the entire cremation process. Individual means pets sharing a chamber with a partitioned space.

All different types of pets, exotics and Live Stock.

We have 2 methods of returning remains to nature. We work closely with local nurseries using remains to enrich soil as well as scatter at sea.