Long Beach Pet Cremation Services for Your Furrever Friend


You have given your pet the very best and this is nothing short of continuing that treatment.  With our newly manufactured state of the art machine we exclusively offer private cremation, which ensures each pet is scheduled for their own cremation. Each soul has private unaccompanied  space during the entire process, this along with careful tracking with the Halcyon system ensures our families that each pet is properly treated throughout the entire process and given the most dignified flame base cremation which all animals truly deserve.
Private cremation option includes:

  • Hand Crafted Return Box Urn
  • Certificate
  • Ink Paw Impressions

Urn upgrades available upon request


If you do not wish to receive your pets’ cremains, this is the most optimal choice for you. Your pet would be cremated in a communal setting with other animals. Remains are scattered at sea responsible. We work with “Local Boy Scout Chapter”. Learn more about Local Boy Scout Chapter here – https://ship550.com/

Witness Cremation

Witness Cremation is an elite service and unique opportunity to witness your pets intimate cremation process. Choice of viewing options are by a monitor in the comfort of our reception area or a simple Facetime call, both options are your choice.

Viewing appointments

Viewing appointments are also available, offering a safe and private space for your family to visit your beloved. Please call for more information or to schedule these services.