Bonnie M.

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I would give 10 stars if I could! When our family dog passed away it was Important to the kids and I that we get the right urn for our little fur baby. Furrever friends treated us like family and helped us  make the best selection for our coco. It is a hard event in life to process the grief from losing a little piece of your family … furrever friends were kind and thoughtful and helped us put our minds at ease with our options of how to preserve our little girls memory!

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Heather D.

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The owners were very compassionate during such a tough time in my family’s life when we lost our sweet bunny Louie. They were very helpful and patient and guided us on our options. We received everything back very quickly and the urn was beautiful. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I appreciated how they treated  our little guy with so much care and respect.

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Felicia C.

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In such a sad time in my life Furrever Friends made saying goodbye to my best friend a little smoother.   A representative took my call and scheduled an immediate pick up.  The turn around of the ashes was quick and delivered with care.  I am grateful for companies like this that take my loss to heart as if they knew Charlie.   Thanks again Furrever Friends for a respectful, kind, loving cremation that Charlie deserved.

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Jamie B.

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I’m not sure where to begin but Furrever Friends was the light at the end of the dark tunnel when faced with the extremely tough decision of having to put our four legged child / family dog to sleep. Heather held our hand throughout the whole process and guided us on how the process is handled. Heather & her crew took the most amazing care of Easton & just knowing he was in their hands I was able to be at some sort of ease during this very difficult time. Thank you for everything! Furrever friends stayed in communication with us throughout the process and helped us get through such an emotional time. Thank you again for everything! The urn was stunning. I highly recommend them and your pup deserves the best which is definitely Furrever Friends!

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Ilene R.

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Compassion, caring and respect for you and your beloved pets. Family run, local artist supported and genuine heartfelt understanding that our pets are family and deserve proper grieving and respectful remains processing.  Very reasonably priced too.

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Maria M.

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Heather is heaven sent! My family and I were devastated when we had to put down our 14 year old German Shepard, Delilah due to heart cancer. Her death was sudden and we had to make this decision within minutes of bringing her to the vet. I was in no condition to look for arrangements for my girl so I signed up for whatever my vet office offered. The next morning I had so many questions and anxiety on where my girl would end up or how she would be treated. Sometimes you think you’re getting a private cremation but you end up with someone else’s pets ashes in the mist of yours (experienced it first hand) elsewhere. The next morning I made a few phone calls and when I spoke to Heather, she was kind, empathetic and brought me instant peace. I visited her facility. She welcomed my family and I. We felt comfortable and best of all, left feeling secure and knowing that my girl was in good hands. I definitely recommend her services for anyone looking for afterlife services. She made such a difficult time for us, special .

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Dylan K.

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Heather was outstanding. Our beloved family pet passed at home later in the day and we were devastated. We didn’t know what to do or where to take our pet for cremation. We found Heather and she stayed open to wait for us and this was such a help. I picked up the ashes of our friend earlier today. This is the right place for when you want to make sure your pets passing is handled with the love and respect your furry friend deserves.

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Tracy H.

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When I lost my fur baby I thought my world had ended. But when I met with Heather she made me feel so loved and peace of mind knowing my fur baby was safe with her. She guided me thru every step and answered any questions!! I can’t say thank you enough to furreverfriends for taking my fur baby and giving her the best care !

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Robbie A.

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Can’t say enough about Furrever Friends. From the start Heather was the best. My daughter lost her dog and from the very beginning Heather helped her through the process. She then went out of her way to send his remains to us because we don’t live close by. Please don’t hesitate to use Furrever Friends they are the best. Thanks again Heather for all your compassion.

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Eleni K.

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First and foremost, thank you to Heather and the staff of Furrever Friends. We lost our baby boy suddenly and didn’t know to do. We looked up pet cremations and found Furrever Friends. When we brought him in Heather was extremely kind and compassionate, letting us know how they would care for our boy and comforting us in our moment of grief. She answered any questions we had honestly, worked with our requests, and kept us updated and in the loop with everything. We truly cannot thank Heather and the staff enough for taking care of our boy, helping us put him to rest, and getting him back home to us. In our time of loss we are grateful for everything they have done for our boy and our family; giving us peace and solace in bringing our baby home .

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