A staggering 90 million American households have pets, which means many of us must eventually plan how to handle their passing. 

Figuring out how to handle your pet’s ashes is essential to immortalizing them and celebrating the bond you shared. But, if you’ve never considered the possibilities, you could choose an option that doesn’t best align with your needs. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’ve booked your pet’s cremation and need advice on the next step. 

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what to do with the ashes after a pet cremation. 

How Is the Pet Cremation Done?

Before diving into the options, you’re likely interested in how a pet cremation is done.

First, the pet’s body is placed inside a chamber with a temperature of around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, it is ground into ashes before being stored in a plastic bag, box, or another suitable container, which is then handed to the owner. 

Note, the same process works for cats, dogs, or even for an equine cremation so that you can cremate every pet regardless of its size. 

What to Do After a Pet Cremation

Once cremated, pet owners should brainstorm ways to commemorate their furry family member. Luckily, there are multiple options out there. For example, you could: 

Scatter Your Pet’s Ashes 

Whether it’s a dog or a horse cremation, scattering their ashes is a popular way to honor your pet. Choose a location that your pet loved visiting or felt the most comfortable and scatter their ashes there. It’s wise to choose somewhere that you visit every day, such as your favorite place to walk. 

Scattering ashes is popular because, like a funeral, you are physically saying goodbye to your cherished companion, which is an essential part of the grieving process.  

Carry Out a Water Burial 

Once you’ve arranged a small animal cremation, you could celebrate your pet’s life with a water burial, especially if they loved splashing in the sea or river.

Say goodbye at their favorite watering hole or, if you want a more secluded area, hire a boat to go further out. But make sure that you choose a biodegradable urn designed to scatter ashes, so there’s minimal waste. 

You could also transform the cremated pet ashes into a reef. Not only does this preserve your pet, but it prolongs the lives of sea animals by providing them with habitat, making it a win-win! 

Create a Backyard Memorial 

If you plan to stay at your home forever, why not design a memorial spot on your property?

Once you’ve arranged a large dog cremation or small dog cremation, bury your pooch’s ashes under their favorite tree. You could even spread your pet’s ashes over a flower bed so you think of them when it blooms. 

Choose a Pet Urn 

Many pet owners want to physically hold on to their furry friends and store them in a beautifully designed urn. Popular places are atop a mantelpiece or dresser, so that your pet is always close to you. The beauty of urns is that you can find one to match your pet’s personality and your home’s decor. 

Get Them Immortalized in Jewelry

A sentimental way of keeping your furry friend close is by getting specialized pet cremation jewelry. You can choose from a huge selection of options, whether you want a cremation locket or a charm on your necklace. Many people love this option because it’s a subtle way of keeping your pet with you at all times. 

Plant a Memorial Tree 

Nature lovers should consider planting a memorial tree for their pets. This simple act lets you enjoy a living reminder of your favorite furry companion. The key is to either plant it in your backyard or nearby so that you’re constantly reminded of your beloved pet.  

Get a Pet Memorial Stone 

Although you’ve cremated your pet, you can still have a physical reminder using a pet memorial stone. Once you’ve chosen the right one, lay it in your pet’s favorite area and sit there whenever you want to remember them.

Many pet owners choose memorial stones because you can include their animal’s name alongside the dates they were alive. Or, if that doesn’t interest you, feature your pet’s portrait or a quote that best represents your relationship. 

To make it extra special, mix your pet’s ashes into the concrete to produce a one-of-a-kind stone.  

Commission Memorial Artwork

Yes, you can even use your pet’s ashes to create memorial artwork. Find an artist in your area to paint a portrait with small traces of your pet’s ashes in the paint. If you’re not a fan of paintings, commission a potter to create a clay urn with a sprinkling of your pet’s remains. 

Include in a Glass Piece 

Nowadays, pet owners can infuse their pet’s ashes into a well-designed glass piece. This could be a glass heart or orb that you can keep forever. You can either add decorative glass as a centerpiece or place it in your pet’s preferred snooze spot.

Get a Memorial Tattoo 

Although it’s not for everyone, you can get a tattoo with traces of your pet’s ashes. Spend time searching for a tattoo artist whose art style you love, whether it’s a realistic rendition of your pet or a cartoon.

If you don’t want your pet permanently on your skin, ask the tattoo artist to add their remains to the ink and use it for your next tattoo. 

Pour the Ashes Into an Hourglass

A symbolic gesture is pouring your pet’s ashes into an hourglass. Although it’s not a practical timepiece, it’s a reminder to cherish every moment with your future pets. And, of course, to remember the wonderful times you had with your deceased one.  

Add the Ashes to a Vinyl Record

Calling all music fans!

Pet owners who have a special song or lyrics that remind them of their beloved animal should consider pressing ashes into a vinyl record. That way, you’re always reminded of your pet when playing great tunes. 

Turn Ashes Into Fireworks 

Let your pet go out with a bang by adding their ashes to fireworks. You’ll be mesmerized at how your furry friend has been transformed into a lit-up sky. Instead of making it a sad occasion, bring your loved ones together to say goodbye and turn it into a party.

In a similar vein, place your pet’s cremated remains in helium balloons. Then, let go and they’ll float into the sky, often reaching a height of five miles. Eventually, these balloons will burst, which can symbolize your act of letting go or your pooch reaching heaven. 

Launch Ashes Into Space

One of the most dramatic ways of using your pet’s ashes is launching them into space. As you can imagine, this is far more expensive than others on the list. But, it’s great if you love star gazing and want to see memories of your pet reflected in them. 

Combine Them With Your Future Ashes 

In some cases, you find that you have a ride-or-die bond with your animal. If so, there’s no better way of celebrating this bond than by adding them to your future ashes. Although you won’t see the final results, you’ll be assured knowing that you’ll share the same resting place forever. 

Add Ashes to a Paperweight

No home office is complete without a paperweight and it’s also a great way to remember your pet. There are many fantastic options available, including glass or clay paperweights, so it aligns with the interior design. You can also engrave it with your pet’s name as a sweet memento. 

Store Ashes in a Christmas Ornament

If you celebrate Christmas, make the holidays easier by making your pet the center of attention. The first Christmas without your pet is the hardest, which is why creating a special Christmas ornament lets you celebrate the holidays together.

Work with a fused glass artist to produce a glass ornament with your pet’s ashes. And to complete the design, engrave it with a special message that honors your pet’s life.  

How Will You Honor Your Furry Friend?

Now that you know the different possibilities, discuss with your loved ones what to do after the pet cremation.

Luckily for pet owners, there are numerous ways to remember your ultimate furry companion. You can store your pet’s ashes in a well-designed urn, scatter them in their favorite place, and even keep them close with jewelry. Which one would you choose?

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