The passing of a beloved pet is one of the most challenging experiences in most people’s lives. But according to research, dog aftercare (i.e., burying or cremating your dog) can help with the grieving process.

You don’t want to feel devastated forever. But no matter how much you love your pet, you may worry about the dog cremation cost. The good news is that cremation is often the most affordable way to lay your furry friend to rest.

Cremation costs anywhere from $200 to $450. The exact cost depends on the type of cremation you choice and your dog’s size.

At Furrever Friends, we get a lot of questions about pet cremation. We created this guide to help you during this trying time. Keep reading for answers to the web’s most searched questions about the dog cremation process and cost.

Is It Cheaper to Cremate or Bury a Dog?

It is usually cheaper to cremate a dog than bury one. That may be why 80% of pet owners choose this option over a traditional burial.

If you are searching for an affordable option for your beloved pet, cremation is the best way to go. The only cost you must pay is for the cremation service.

Additionally, there are different cremation options to lower the cost even further. We will talk more about these methods later in this article.

Of course, the exact cost of a pet cremation vs burial depends on your dog cremation budget. For example, cremating a dog and holding a memorial service for him afterward will cost more than cremating him alone.

There are ways to lower the cost of burial. However, even the most affordable pet burial is going to be more expensive than cremation since you have to pay for a pet casket, which can be pricey.

Aside from affordability, cremation offers additional benefits. Cremation is far less complicated than a burial. After all, you don’t have to find a place where you can legally bury your pet.

It is perfectly legal to bury your pet in your backyard in California, which can lower the cost of burial. But if you plan to move in the future, a pet cemetery may be a better choice. However, this option will cost you at least $300 to more than $1,000 for a plot.

How Much Is It to Cremate a Dog Near Me?

It costs $200 to $450 to cremate a dog in California. The exact cost depends on a few factors. These factors include the dog’s size, the type of cremation you choose, and the cost of the storage vessel (if you want one).

The most important factor is size. Cremation service providers break down dog size by weight. Use the following to identify your dog’s size:

  • Small dogs: 1-20 pounds
  • Mid-size dogs: 21-40 pounds
  • Large dogs: 41-80 pounds
  • Extra-large dogs: 81-120 pounds
  • Extra-extra-large dogs: 120+ pounds

If you go for the most affordable pet cremation method, you can lay your small dog to rest for as little as $200. The highest cost for an extra-extra-large dog is $450.

What Are the Cheapest Types of Dog Cremation?

The cheapest form of cremation is communal cremation. In this method, multiple dogs get cremated at the same time. The biggest downside to this method is that you will receive a mixture of all the dogs’ ashes.

Because multiple owners pay for this type of cremation, you all split the costs. Smaller dogs will be at the lower end of the price range, while larger dogs will be at the top end.

Individual cremation is the second-most affordable method for pets. With this method, multiple pets are still cremated at once. The difference is that the cremator adds partitions to prevent the ashes from getting mixed up.

Due to the increased labor requirements, individual cremation costs a bit more than communal cremation. But it still won’t cost as much as private cremation.

Private cremation is the most expensive method for pets since you can’t split the cost between multiple owners. During a private cremation, the service provider will only cremate your dog. This makes it impossible for you to get anything but your beloved dog’s ashes.

What Is the Best Cremation Method for Dogs?

The best cremation method for your dog depends on your goals. For example, say you do not intend to get your pet’s remains after cremation. In that case, communal cremation is the best option.

If you do not pick up your pet’s ashes, the cremation company will spread the combined ashes in nature or at sea. This service comes at no extra cost to pet owners.

Pet owners who want to hold onto their dog’s remains forever should choose private cremation. This method includes a temporary urn to store your animal’s ashes in, a certificate of cremation, and an ink paw impression.

Once you receive your temporary urn, you can upgrade to something more special. The more you personalize your pet’s resting place, the more it will cost.

You can also choose to spread your pet’s ashes instead of storing them. Where is the best place to spread your dog’s ashes? We are talking about that next, so keep reading.

Can I Watch My Dog Get Cremated?

Witness Cremation and viewing appointments allow owners to watch their dogs get cremated. In terms of cost, viewing appointments are more affordable than Witness Cremation services.

A viewing appointment allows owners to safely and privately watch the cremation process. This is the ideal time to say one final goodbye to your dog and begin the healing process.

Witness Cremation is similar. The difference is that you do not have to attend the cremation in person. Instead, the cremation facility can stream the process to a viewing monitor or smartphone.

Where Is the Best Place to Spread Dog Ashes?

The best place to spread your dog’s ashes is somewhere meaningful to your family and your pet. When planning a dog cremation ceremony, consider spreading Fido’s ashes around his favorite park or in your backyard.

However, ensure you follow local California laws about scattering ashes. It is legal to scatter a pet’s ashes anywhere in the state as long as you abide by the following pet ash scattering rules:

  1. The location does not prohibit ash scattering
  2. The owner of the property gave you permission to scatter the ashes
  3. The remains are fully cremated and non-identifiable as remains

It is also legal to scatter pet ashes at sea in California. The only requirement is that you spread your dog’s ashes at least three nautical miles from the coast.

How Do You Scatter Pet Ashes?

There are three ways to scatter your pet’s ashes: casting, burying, and raking. The best method depends on your family’s desires.

Casting is one of the more common methods of scattering ashes. Family members can take turns picking up handfuls of ashes and letting the wind blow them around your chosen resting place.

If you plan to spread your dog’s ashes at sea, casting is the only appropriate method. Burying and raking pet ashes only works if you want to spread ashes on land.

Burying ashes is similar to a traditional burial. The difference is that you would dig a shallow trench in the ground and bury your pet’s ashes, not a casket. You can also bury the ashes inside the urn as long as it is biodegradable.

This is a great option if you want to mark the burial site. You can purchase pet gravestones to mark the area. Then, you and your family can leave flowers or your pet’s favorite treats each year to mark the death date.

Raking is similar to burying ashes, except that you don’t dig a hole. Instead, you simply scatter your dog’s ashes on top of the soil. Then, rake the soil to disperse the ashes into the ground.

Of course, you can also display your pet’s ashes in a beautiful urn. That way, you can always bring your dog with you wherever you go.

Lower the Dog Cremation Cost With Furrever Friends

The dog cremation cost in California depends on your dog’s size and the cremation method. Communal cremation is the most affordable, especially if you do not intend to pick up the remains. Private cremation is costly but allows you to lay your beloved pet to rest on your own time.

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