Thank you so much Furrever Friends, and thank you especially to Sid who helped us yesterday when we came with our dear Sally, my guinea pig. Sally was my world and it’s been a very tough time grieving her loss. Even though I have and had other pets, I’ve never had a bond like the one I had with Sally. We spent a lot of time together cuddling/holding/feeding every day, and she taught me unconditional love. I miss her loving, chaotic, and happy energy in the home. We thank Sid for taking care of us and the respect that she gave us when we came. It goes a long way during this time of grief. Thank you Sid.

I’m quite a ways away in South Irvine, but I thought making the drive out to Long Beach is worth it for all the positive reviews that Furrever Friends had on their Yelp page. I knew I needed a compassionate experience during this time to not make Sally’s passing any harder.

We’ll be picking up Sally in the next 10 days or so. I will be keeping Sally’s ashes in their beautiful box urn at first. It’s perfect and will have an elegant ribbon in the front. Then I hope to paint the wooden urn I will be getting from them as well, maybe with images of Sally in pet heaven. We will also be getting clippings of her fur in a little glass jar, and nose and paw ink prints. These will mean so much to us because we are not ready to let Sally go. Thank you Furrever Friends.