Our beloved dog passed away on January 1st, 2022 and we had no idea on what to do next, who to call, what to do on top of it being a Holiday!. In the middle of me ugly crying, I found Furrever Friends on yelp and gave them a call. I spoke to Dan and she advised she could pick up our dog the next morning and gave us instructions on what to do until her pick up. In a such a difficult and stressful situation Dan and Furrever Friends went ABOVE and BEYOND my expectations in their services provided. I had reached out to multiple businesses before I found them, but the fact that they were the only ones that answered my call, gave me all the information needed upfront, made time to pick up our dog in a timely manner, were beyond kind and understanding. I know it was meant to be to find them and I am forever grateful to them for giving my Layla the best care during her crossing on to the rainbow doggy bridge. We miss our dog so much! but Furrever Friends has made it possible to have our Layla in our home again in the MOST BEAUTIFUL Urn next to her paw imprint. Thank you! Dan and Furrever Friends !